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Our website has moved. Please see our updated page at:

In Service,

A.A. District 6

Meeting Directory for District 6


Our website has moved. Please see our updated page at:

Our updated meeting directory can be found there. 

In Service,

A.A. District 6

General Service Represenative Information

District 6 has compiled a collection of useful information for new Group Service Representatives (GSRs) which can be viewed and downloaded below. We encourage all of our GSRs in the District 6 area to attend and participate in our monthly council meetings.

Download PDF

MCYPAA 42: November 19-21, 2021 Auburn Hills

 The 42nd Michigan Convention of Young People in AA will  be held November 19-21 in Auburn Hills, MI

Financial Resources for A.A. Groups

The information below may be helpful for A.A. Groups and treasures. It includes pamphlets from A.A. World Services, information on how to make financial contributions to A.A, and resources on collecting a 7th tradition in a virtual meeting. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please email


Finance Guidelines 

Where Money and Spirituality Mix 

The AA Group Treasurer 

Contact Information to Make a Direct Contribution

General Service Office

Box 459

Grand Central Station

New York, NY 10163

CMIA 32 Treasurer

c/o Kelly D.

PO Box 1394

Midland, MI 48642

District 6

P.O. Box 80063

Lansing, MI 48908

Please make checks payable to: District 6

Lansing AA Central

1915 E Michigan Ave., Suite D 

Lansing, MI 48912

How to “pass the hat” in a virtual meeting

  1. Provide the Treasurers mailing address

  2. Set up a bank account where members can make a direct contribution

  3. Set up a an account for a payment app (i.e, Venmo, Square, Paypal)

  4. More Resources

    1. From A.A. World Services: FAQ on Virtual Basket

    2. From A.A. Cincinnati: How to set up a Paypal account for your A.A group

Billy N., former AA Delegate Workshop on How to Continue Traditions 7 and 11 in Cyberspace

From New Horizons Group, 
How to Continue Honoring Traditions Seven and Eleven in Cyberspace
"How does my group set up a venmo account?"
"What are the best Zoom practices to keep within the Traditions?"

Questions answered by past General Service Trustee, past chair of AAWS, Tech Geek Billy N. from Atlanta Ga.